truly random global web surfing SM
Beta Version

Roland Smith Jr.
Box 90417
Santa Barbara, CA 93401-0417

Random Lee is considered a "Global Trade Secret." All rights reserved.

Random Lee uses a true random-number generator and (what are called) Internet Protocol numbers
to select a website from anywhere on planet Earth!

When you activate the program (by clicking on Search on the home page) a selection
occurs at that instant in time. This ensures that you can explore the Internet while the Internet
continues to change. If Random Lee was activated 100 years from now it would perform
a random global selection from that Internet and at that exact moment.

This happens every time you click on Search, allowing you to command
a computer or engine that gives you a private path of exploration through the global Internet.

Random Lee does NOT use a database full of websites.

Directions: Random Lee is not done...

- Click Search on the home page and wait about 20 seconds

- Random Lee resets if it does not find anything; usually a blank white page

- Sometimes Random Lee finds a bunch of junk; normally a user name and password screen

- Sometimes Random Lee finds something awesome

- For best results, repeat the process over and over again or use the technique imaged below

I have found using Google Chrome with numerous tabs open, all processing the
program is the best way to do it. In other words, open up many tabs with Random Lee in each tab
and click on Search on all the tabs at the same time, to have numerous website options.
It works great.
Also, Chrome translates all the sites automatically so you can explore the Planet in your language!
The translate link is also available on the home page for the translation process.

Why it takes so long:

The process can take a long time to find a website and sometimes it doesn't work
at all. When the program “blinks” and resets no viable
website was found. I am trying to find someone to make a better program. If you could
help let me know.

Why it's great:

With Random Lee you never get a website that pays to pop up on your computer like some
other websites. It is a true random number generator that is server side so I have no
control of the process. It's totally private! Everyone's path of exploration with Random Lee will be different.

Internet Protocol numbers:

Internet Protocol numbers are a series of four numbers that correspond to websites,
web cameras, and internet routers etc. For example, If you type in a randomly-selected
number in your browser a web site might show up. Try it! You do not need a domain name
you can actually just type in a number. You get the idea.
The entire Internet uses this number system. If you typed in a number like this one
and changed the number just a little bit you might find something interesting; it could be from
anywhere on planet Earth. Random Lee simply randomizes these numbers and a web site is displayed
in your browser.

Terms Of Use:

Please do not hack web sites found by Random Lee. Please do not try to alter printer settings
if a printer I.P. is found. Please do not use Random Lee if you disagree with the Terms Of Use.

The legal system assigns certain groups of Internet Protocol numbers for certain activities.
Some are deemed private or should not be accessed. I have removed the possibility of these numbers
being used by Random Lee. In other words, it is impossible to violate the laws associated with
accessing certain I.P. groupings when using Random Lee.

Click Search on the home page to begin.